Objective: Our objective is to inform patients suffering from vascular disorders, such as angina pectoris, peripheral arterial & capillary blockages, sexual impotency due to diminished blood flow and stroke about an alternative treatment: Chelation- & Plaquex Therapy. This treatment is highly effective, can be done in a doctor's office, doesn't involve surgery and has very few side effects. In this website you will learn about vascular disease, the difference between arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis, and the basic concept of Chelation Therapy and Plaquex Therapy. You will be able to find a doctor in your vicinity that is skilled in these treatments.


Who are we: We are a group of patients suffering from vascular disease, and have taken Chelation- & Plaquex treatments. We have recovered fully and are so convinced by this treatment, that we want other people with similar health problems to know about it.


Disclaimer: The information in this website serves to inform the patient about vascular disease, Chelation- & Plaquex treatments. It doesn't and can't replace an evaluation by your physician. The links on this website serve to find more information. We are not responsible for the contents on the websites, the links lead to.


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