Patient Examples


1. Vascular disease and inflammation of the blood vessels of the toes in a diabetic patient

A 53 year old patient, who has had diabetes for over 5 years as well as hepatitis C of unknown origin, developed swelling and blisters of his toes over night. The diagnosis was vascular inflammation due to hepatitis C. Within a few days the toes turned purple and the risk of amputation increased (photo 1), because of reduced blood circulation due to atherosclerosis ( a typical disease of diabetes). The patient was treated with low level laser to induce wound healing and with Plaquex infusions to restore blood circulation. After 3 weeks with a total of 10 Plaquex infusions and daily laser treatments, wound healing progressed rapidly and the patient could keep his toes (photo 2).



2. Patient with coronary artery disease
This 65-year old female patient had chest pain and shortness of breath when climbing stairs or doing light physical work. An angiogramm at a large hospital showed a 90 % occlusion of a coronary artery. It was opened by a ballon catheter (angioplasty). 6 weeks later the patient had chest pain again. A new angiogramm showed that the coronary artery has almost closed again and was reopened a second time with a balloon procedure. 6 weeks after that the patient again had pain and decided to do Plaquex infusions. After a total of 40 infusions over a period of 5 years the patient has no pain and needs no nitroglycerine medication. A Fast CT scan shows only very mild atherosclerosis in the coronary vessel that originally was closed by 90 %.


3. The patient, who got around By-pass surgery
This 70 year old patient suffered from a 3-vessel disease of his coronary arteries and was supposed to have a by-pass operation. He was talking all kinds of medication including nitroglycerine. His doctor treated him with 10 Chelation and 20 Plaquex infusions over a period of 8 months. A Fast-CT scan showed no calcifications of the coronary arteries. He could stop all medication and is free of pain.


More examples will follow........